Revenue Cycle Management

We don’t just do your medical billing and claims processing, we collect what’s owed to you on every claim, every time!

MedXperts has a revolutionary software solution as well as intellegent and experienced agents that will cut costs, improve efficiency and increase profits in your practice. HealthFusion’s software experts worked with us (medical billing and collections professionals) to create an easy-to-use but yet a very powerful system designed specifically for MedXperts Revenue Cycle Management. We are a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution for healthcare providers and practices of any size. MedXperts handles time-consuming elements of medical billing, so physicians and their staff can focus on enhancing patient care. Let our experts take the pain out of getting you paid for your services rendered.

  • Better business intelligence & real-time analytics
  • Improved client communication tools for increased retention
  • Dynamic claims intelligence to increase first pass resolution rate
  • Powerful tools for improved staff efficiency
  • Live Expert Support
  • True Real Time Eligibility on most payers.
  • Real Time Reporting on all Aging, payments, reimbursements and payer mix.
  • A powerful, yet very user friendly scheduling system that is guaranteed to assure that you collect at your front desk, every time.
  • Get Paid FASTER with our direct connect to payers! No more middle man (Clearing Houses). We handle everything!
  • 94% of Claims are paid upon first submission
  • 10% Reduced No Show rate

Winning Formula

With over 15 years of corporate strength and stability, customer loyalty is achieved by exceeding expectations and using technology and expert services to enable healthcare providers nationwide deliver first-class patient care and financial results. MedXperts  provides the most powerful service that relentlessly collects more of your reimbursement – faster. Our medical billing service combines our extensive medical billing knowledge and proven processes with our comprehensive MediTouch software designed to maximize your reimbursements.

Achieve Success

Outsourcing burdensome revenue cycle management functions can greatly reduce your administrative burden, cut costs and provide you and your staff more time to focus on your patients. MedXperts provides unparalleled, personalized, revenue- improvement services that create efficient and effective business operations – meaning you can focus on patients, and get paid faster, too.

Since 1996, physicians and medical organizations have placed their trust in MedXperts. With MedXperts  Revenue Cycle and collection service, we provide you 24/7, crystal clear visibility into the financial health of your practice. Our revenue management services free you from the fees and headaches of managing medical billing processes, systems and staffing, allowing you to focus on clinical excellence.