Practice Management

Feel like you’re spending more time with paperwork than with patients? MedXperts resources can help you streamline claims processing and day to day operations of your practice so that you can focus on what matters most—caring for your patients.

MedXperts Mission

The mission of MedXperts Practice Management is to give all physicians the tools

and information they need to build rewarding practices and improve patient care.



1. To help all physicians enhance their skills in all aspects of practice except

for the strictly clinical, especially the following:

• Providing high-quality, patient-centered care

• Computerizing practice and maximizing the usefulness of information


• Leading team-based systems of care

• Diagnosis and procedure coding

• Career and practice development

• Working with health plans

• Navigating developments in Medicare and other federal health care


• Balancing the demands of professional and personal life

2. To move all physicians to action by publishing articles and tools that are

immediately useful.

3. To support all physicians’ in their day to day operations.

4. To advance technologies by inspiring and equipping all physicians the most up to date and user friendly EHR system in practice today.

5. To be constructive, inclusive, optimistic, and solution-focused while

acknowledging the economic and administrative challenges of practice.

6. To serve all physicians regardless of practice setting, practice size, or

employment status.

7. To maintain service and support excellence and physicians’ trust by dedicating

ourselves to the AMA principles of accuracy, fairness, and balance and

keeping  physicians’ needs in constant focus.