Is your current billing company outsourcing your claims processing overseas?  You probably have no idea! This is a major problem because these companies overseas (India, South America etc) do not have any incentive to comply with HIPPA rules and regulations. In fact its known that some companies overseas are selling patients information for millions of dollars. Who is at risk? The provider is!  At MedXperts Revenue Cycle Management, we NEVER outsource your claims or follow-up. All billing and coding and follow-up is done in our facility buy our licensed CPC agents at all times. Your data is locked in our HIPPA certified servers and backed up in real time at our location. We have received the highest security ranking on our site audits from the United States Department of Justice for the past 6 years. We take patient privacy very serious and you should too!

Does your current billing company keep you updated daily on industry changes? If you do not receive at least 5 communications a week from your current billing company, the answer is probably no! There is an average of at least 5 to 15 changes weekly in the billing industry which can drastically change the financial health of your practice. At MedXperts, we not only notify our clients daily of these changes, but our President is the Chairman of the Board of the Florida Medical Billing Association and on the Advisory Board of Miami Dade College School of Medical Science and a advisor to CMS. Our clients are notified of any industry changes well before they are released to the Medical Industry keeping them on the cutting edge of all changes and updates.

Did you know that 90% of denied claims are due to submitting claims without proper medical necessity diagnosis codes? This is commonly caused by billing companies, not providers! Why? Because, most billing companies hire “Data Entry Billers” instead of CPC licensed agents because they focus on their bottom line of profits, not the providers. MedXperts Revenue Cycle Management ONLY hires qualified CPC licensed billing agents. Every claim procedure is matched with LCDs and cross referenced with payable diagnosis codes for the procedures you are performing at your facility. Not only does this assure you of getting paid for the work you are doing, it keeps you from being flagged by payers and being audited or  getting ask for overpayment request refunds.

Did you know that 6% of claims rejected or denied is due to eligibility issues? MedXperts is connected “LIVE” to 95% of all payers. Our billing agents check every claims eligibility before it is submitted to the payer. The eligibility verification is attached to every claim, every time without exception. This causes clean claims to go out every time all the time increasing revenue and less aging. Your financial health is our #1 concern.

These are just a few of the differences and services we provide every client for free. We are different, because we care! Call our office for a free demonstration of how we CAN make a difference on your financial health of your practice.