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MedXperts Revenue Cycle Management is a South Florida based Medical Billing, Coding, Credentialing, EHR and Practice Management company serving the Eastern United States since 1996.

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MedXperts Revenue Cycle Management is a South Florida based Medical Billing, Coding, Credentialing, EHR and Practice Management company serving the Eastern United States since 1996. We are different because WE CARE! Our goal is simple, get our clients paid on every claim, every time without delay and at the highest reimbursement rates available.


Is your current billing company outsourcing your claims processing overseas?  You probably have no idea! This is a major problem because these companies overseas (India, South America etc) do not have any incentive to comply with HIPPA rules and regulations. In fact its known that some companies overseas are selling patients information for millions of dollars.



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I have been involved with Mr. Castranova for some time now (Approx 8 years) and his customer service and integrity are unmatched in this industry. I have personally been involved and used many EHR systems in the past few years (MediNotes, Spring Charts, PracticeSuite and iSalus OfficeEMR) and I have inquired into many others. Mr. Castranova presented me and my sons the opportunity to demo the MediTouch EHR system and we were shocked at the power and the ease of use that the system showed, but we were all skeptical on how it would operate once using the system because we have used so many in the past. I am happy to inform you that MedXperts and HealthFusion 's MediTouch EHR is the most complete and powerful EHR system we have used. The training by MedXperts, and his staff and the support we get from Mr. Castranova (MedX) is incredible to say the least. They are available to us 24 hours a day 7 days a week for training and any questions we may have. I recommend MedX / MediTouch and the professional services of MedX Medical Management and Technologies to you if you are looking for an EMR/EHR system and/or a Medical Billing Company. In the past, we outsourced our billing to another medical billing company, MedXperts offered us medical billing along with the MediTouch EHR  system and we are proud to say that since MedX has took control of our claims processing, our HMO MRA scores have doubled, our revenue has doubled and our aging is non-existent. We see in real time our billing accounts and we are able to pull reports whenever we want to. We are no longer left in the dark when it comes to our claims being processed correctly. They truly are the best in the business and the ease of use of MediTouch is exactly what we as physicians need to seamlessly implement a successful system into our offices.


Manuel Perez Espinosa, M.D.,
Jorge Perez-Espinosa, D.O.,
Juan Perez-Espinosa, D.O.

I have been a client of MedXperts Revenue Cycle Management now going on 6 years. For the first 3 years I thought I couldn't be any more impressed with their system until now! I have decided to implement their MediTouch EHR  system in my office and I honestly do not know how I have operated without it in the past. They have seamlessly adapted it into my practice without a hiccup! They were in my office every day training my staff for 2 weeks to help the transition to be smooth. They actually spent days scanning my old charts into the system so that my practice would not feel the transition. This is the kind of service I would expect from them based on the past 4 years. Their EHR system is not to be believed and the ease of use is incredible, not to mention the cost was practically nothing. My practice is small and we have to watch every expense in order to thrive. It is a fulfilling feeling knowing that there are still companies out there like MedXperts who really care about us Physicians and our financial health. I highly recommend them and all their services to any medical practice that is looking for a billing and coding company as well as an EHR service company! They truly are the best of the best!


Anthony Fiorelo, MD

I have been a physician in Miami for almost thirty years and have always been satisfied that my in-house billing system was perfect for my practice. Several times in the past I tried to outsource my billing services for my patient charges and was dissatisfied with their work. I found my practice to be lost in a maze of other practices for which their attention was divided. With MedXperts I have not only found that they give quality care to their physician clients, being able to answer questions or solve problems within minutes or hours of contacting their offices, but have had the great surprise to find; that thanks to their review and corrections of common mistakes made by my in-house billing service, our income actually increased by 25%, once we switched to MedXperts to do our billing and collections. Greatly, outperforming anything our in-house billing service was able to accomplish in years of tweaking. My only regret is that I did not turn over my billing and collections services to MedXperts sooner. I highly recommend them as professional, honest, and a true partner to any medical office to which they offer their services.


Oscar J. Figarola, M.D.